Wednesday, May 26, 2010

News from the Grove

So what have we been up to these first few weeks in Coconut Grove you may be asking - lots of scoping out the neighborhood trying to get a feel for our new hood (let me help you, it's WAY different than KW) and lots of drying out the liver that was sorely tested those five months in Key West let alone the two years of cruising!!! We also have been trying to get back into shape (did I mention those 5 months in KW??) We joined a gym within walking distance of the marina and believe it or not have been there almost every morning - in fact when we signed up, we each got 3 personal training sessions and I had my second one yesterday. Needless to say, today I can barely walk let alone squat or even move and my shoulders are so hunched over from the thousands of arm, shoulder and chest exercises that I resemble an ugly quasimodo - I am convinced that Yvonne (that evil woman who claims to have my best interests at heart and has the nerve to call herself a personal trainer) lies awake at night devising one scheme after another solely to torture me and then she has a way of smiling during my agony while claiming her exercise was too easy so maybe we'll just "modify it a bit so I burn a little bit more..." Well it's burning so much I'm in hell....probably for a lot of enough already!! Actually she's great - a total KW, diving, water sports lover who in another life if she wasn't my demented torturer I'm sure I'd be hanging with having drinks!! and besides, tomorrow she is Doug's vehicle of torture - I don't have to see her until next Thursday!!!

Have I mentioned yet that we miss the Keys - especially all our friends from the dock (our ghetto buds) and in town as well as the live music. We were going through Keys and music withdrawal the other day, so we hopped in our little car (having not had one for 2 years, that still sounds so weird - but for all our cruising buddies passing through Miami - we have a car and can take you to provision - hint hint!!!) and you guessed it, headed to the Keys!! From Coconut Grove we are about an hour from Key Largo where it just so happened our friends Scott Kirby and Country Dave were playing at Snappers - yahoo!!!! A friend and music fix all at once!!!
Scott and Dave Playing at Snapper's
Those guys were awesome as always - we got to hang outside on the water with Scott's wife Michelle, abuse our livers again and listen to great music - definitely needed!!
It Was a Windy Night at Snapper's
Scott and Dave unfortunately head out soon to tour the country for the summer so we'll miss seeing them for awhile - we're already hearing from our Chesapeake Bay buddies to see if we're coming to all his shows up there this summer. Sorry guys - we'll be there in spirit though - hoist a coldie or two for us!!!

Speaking of friends, I had a visit from one of my bestest high school buddies the other day - Margaret Arpano Hogue - who was in town on vacation.
Tammy and Margaret
You know how there are just some friends that you have that you can go a year or two without seeing and you just pick right up where you left off??? Well Marg is that kind of friend - man did we laugh (although I could have done without her telling some of our old high school stories to Doug - after all he did meet me as a very serious, uptight attorney........ok maybe the last two years have dispelled that notion!!!) What, didn't everyone drive around in an old woodie station wagon with a flip up bar in the third seat or use a friend's grandmother's lake camp as party central where we slept in inner tubes, ate spam sandwiches and brushed our teeth with beer??? No - then I think you missed out on some good times in high school!!! Great to see you Marg - ya know you could work down here in the sun!!!!

[Note from Doug] I did meet Tammy as an attorney but she was NEVER a "serious, uptight attorney". She was a great attorney, just never serious and uptight. If she had been, would I have married her? Now I ask you!

Bootsie is still loving life on the boat - she is adjusting to life in the Grove just fine although she doesn't much like when Dad has to go off to work.
Bootsie Enjoying Life in the Grove
I keep telling her that he's only doing it to keep her in the style to which she's become accustomed which seems to placate her somewhat although she's going to be pretty mad at me tomorrow when I leave to head back to MA/ME to see family and friends for a week.
Bootsie is Not Happy that Mom's Gone for Six Days
Doug just got back from his first business trip to Dallas (what a culture shock after two years on the boat and no plane travel!!!!) so he will keep the Bootser company and be her slave (heh at almost 24 years old she deserves lots of TLC!!!) While Doug is doing lots of business development stuff, I just recently started the whole job search - can I just say YUCK!!!! I had to wear a suit AND heels yesterday - yes I know Doug's been doing it for a couple weeks but this is me we're talking about!!!! and did I mention I was in HEELS - what sadistic pr_ck invented those???? But gotta do it I suppose - God I hate navy blue........

We finally got out the other day to explore the Grove a little - yes we've hit Moe's, Flanagans and the Sandbar for happy hour and to watch Celtics games since we don't have cable on the boat and yes they were fun, but this is seriously not KW!!!! I've not seen anyone in drag, nor have I seen Spiderman or the Rabbit from Monty Python sitting in the street playing guitar, there are no X-rated bed races or dogs sitting at the bars drinking beer, not even any girls showing us their tattoos where they shouldn't be in front of the web cams (miss you Ron!!!) or guys with ponytails for gosh sake!!! No parrots sitting on shoulders or drag queens passing around joints, no $1 pork sliders or $0.50 oysters!!! It's an artist community up here they tell us and there are funky statues all over the place but there's no live music!!!! I know, I'm sounding like a broken record, but there's really none!!! Give me a break - I'm still trying to adapt to this you need to work for a living thing again!!
Color in the Grove
Interesting Architecture in the Grove
Statues in the Grove
Cool Benches in the Local Park

One thing they do have here though are some really cool birds (I'm trying!!) - they hang out on the local working boats early in the morning so we see them when we walk over to the gym.
The Working Boats of the Grove
We went for a long walk trying to find a cool breakfast joint the other morning (it was closed...) and got some great shots.
We wound up walking through some neat residential areas before finding that one of our favorite new haunts the Sandbar serves a really kick butt breakfast - you know the sad part about it was that all I could see around my carne asada steak eggs benedict was the evil face of Yvonne telling me she was going to make me pay and pay and pay.....nobody did that in KW!!!
...When Have You Seen Doug Drinking Coffee in a Bar?

The other thing we did was go through all the stuff we had put in storage before we left two years ago since we needed business clothes and shoes, etc....that was a fun day let me tell you (it was the day after my, and the day of Doug's, first torture session with Yvonne!!) There's nothing better than unloading a POD full of boxes that were packed in haste in 90+ degree heat with the blazing sun beating down on you trying to find that elusive pair of blue shoes (never found them) or those silk dress shirts (not them either) but we did manage to find enough to make us look presentable (well...don't say anything!) Once we got back to the boat, the only question was what do we do with it all - clothes, shoes, ties, belts, OH MY!!! Doug to the rescue - he turned the front cabin into a walk in closet - kind of - but it's a boat so getting dressed for work in the morning is as much a project as anything else on a boat!! The joys of boat living - wouldn't trade it for the world!!!!
Now Where are We Going to Put All These Clothes?

Think that about catches you up for the moment - we probably won't blog quite as often as we used to but we will make sure you know what is going on with us and where we end up!! We're thinking of moving to a marina a little farther north as soon as I get back into town - in the West Palm Beach area which will be closer to Doug's office and clients and has cable (can you tell I'm a little sick of watching the Celtics on an internet gamecast!!! Boy did I get spoiled in KW - think I became a dock b_tch - I never missed a TV for the two years we were cruising - what has happened to me???) Keep your fingers crossed for us - just read that this year's hurricane season is supposed to be ugly!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Adventures in Coconut Grove

Well if you read Doug's blog yesterday, you know we made it to our new "temporary/permanent - who knows" home at the Dinner Key Marina in Coconut Grove on Saturday and we've had one whole day to get acclimated before Doug had to start work today (although he doesn't have an office so right now we are both on our computers sitting at the helm station table). The last two weeks have been absolutely crazy - in fact we had expected to still be in Key West until the end of this week but as cruisers we know that plans often change. The Key West Harbor Yacht Club where we had been staying tried to milk us for another month's rent despite the fact that that wasn't our deal so we said see ya - one of the great things about having a boat is being able to pack up and move instead of taking anyone's sh_t!!! After all the crap we put up with at that marina all winter - unbelievable!!! But that's OK, cruisers also have long memories and a long reach through all the cruiser associations (hint hint)!!!

Anyways, despite the marina issues we had a great last week in KW enjoying the rest of the Songwriters Festival and hanging with all of our friends. Drinks out on the sunset pier with new musicians to hear,

listening to Freebo at the Galleon tiki hut with Jill, Brett, Nancy and Bob (several of our last remaining dockmates - we'll miss you guys tons!!),

watching the Cavs/Celtics with Brett of hardcore Cavs fame, saying rounds of goodbyes to Caroline and Lindsay at GH's, Patty at the Hogfish, Wendy and Vicki at Schooners etc and one final show listening to Scott and Dave followed by our last drinks in KW with Scott at Louie's Backyard - somehow that seemed so fitting!!!
Scott and Dave at the Sunset Pier
The Gang Watches Scott and Dave
We never did get in last happy hours at Raw Bar or Kelly's or the Alamo but I guess you have to have things to come back for!!! Don't worry KW - we'll be back!!! In between the evenings of fun, laughter, music and friendship was a lot of boat work that we had put off all winter - all of a sudden Gypsies needed to be mobile again - we had become dock whores!!! Work hard, play hard has always been our motto! So soon enough Gypsies was ready to go and after final goodbyes, we cast off the dock lines intending on a leisurely path up the Keys.

The first day out under beautiful skies and peaceful seas on our way to Marathon, Doug got the call that he had gotten the job - good news, bad news....the bad news was they wanted him to start today which meant our leisurely steam up the Keys had become a mission to get here, get settled and get ready to re-enter the real world. Despite not having the time to dawdle, we anchored outside of Marathon and enjoyed a wonderful sunset and dinner under the stars! We had missed this about cruising!!!
Doug Relaxes on the Bridge After Arriving Just Outside Boot Key Harbor
Sunset Behind Seven Mile Bridge
The next day after another gorgeous day on the water with dolphins dancing around, sea turtles popping their heads up to say hello and those crazy fish skidding and jumping across the water on their tails, we tried to anchor at Rodriguez Key for the night but our recently bent anchor finally decided to betray us....nothing we did could get her to hold!!! Unbelievable - but as cruisers we had a backup plan luckily which entailed steaming back to Indian Key and picking up a mooring ball. After another beautiful sunset and fairly peaceful evening we awoke early for the long steam to Miami and were greeted by a truly gorgeous sunrise - something we didn't see often in KW unless it was as we were creeping back onto the boat trying not to wake Bootsie after another night out!
Sunrise as We Leave Indian Key

The trip up to Coconut Grove was amazing - we lucked out on having three truly gorgeous traveling days which even Bootise didn't mind too much (although she was very glad once we got tied up and the "house" stopped moving!!)
Cruising Through the Hawk Channel with the Skyline of Miami in the Distance
Passing Key Biscayne as We Head Into Biscayne Bay
Coming through Biscayne Bay we had to avoid the numerous snorkelers (yes in the channel - yikes), jog around a ton of sailboats on an "Around the Island Regatta"
Around the Island Regatta
and then dodge through "Stiltsville" which is a channel that cuts through the Bay with houses (and I use that term loosely) built on stilts sitting along the sand flats at the channel edges.
The water in the Keys is such an unbelievable shade of turquoise that it casts a spell on you such that you never want to leave but being based in Miami we know that Key Biscayne and the Keys are such a short trip away that we plan on taking every chance we get to kick off the dock lines and head south!!!
The Beautiful Water in the Keys. We'll be Back!
Scott is in fact playing at Snappers in Key Largo next weekend so we may just surprise him and head down for the show - maybe by land yacht......because that's another weird change in our lives since moving Gypsies up this way. We actually bought a car yesterday - Doug needed a way to get to and from clients and our scooters just won't cut it on these crazy Miami/FL highways!! (We did keep the scooters for bopping around Coconut Grove though!!) YIKES - we are feeling very weighted down at the moment - jobs (well OK technically just Doug has a job yet but I plan on starting to look now that we have gotten up here..), a car, a gym membership and no near term cruising plans - I'm getting the urge to run away!!! As Doug mentioned though in his blog, we are in a great spot for cruisers to stop by and see us - and given that I'm not working yet, I'd be happy to entertain and play (I've already got a pretty good handle on the best happy hours and joints in town!!!)
Gypsies in the Palace Approaches Dinner Key Marina

The marina we are in is HUGE - 582 slips - so not the real cozy liveaboard feel we had in KW despite the inept management there - we did meet one liveaboard on our dock yesterday, Bruce, who welcomed us to the neighborhood.
Dinner Key is One Very Large Marina
Think this place is going to take some getting used to but the views out to Key Biscayne and of the Miami skyline are pretty cool.
The Miami Skyline from the Bridge of Gypsies in the Palace
Plus did we mention the Keys aren't all that far away and once we replace our anchor, we can zip across Biscayne Bay and anchor out and pretend for a weekend at least that we are still cruising!!!

The Gate to Our Dock on Pier 1

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back to Work

Hello, everyone, this is Doug. You don't normally hear from me but don't worry, you'll have Tammy back next blog. I wanted to tell you all about my next step. As Tammy mentioned in a recent blog, she and I went to Ft. Lauderdale on April 23rd so that I could have an interview. Well, the interview went well and I was offered the job and start tomorrow as a Partner in a firm called Tatum LLC!

Tatum is the country’s leading consulting firm focused on the Office of the CFO. Tatum acts as trusted financial advisor to middle market companies in the US and Latin America, offering consulting, advisory and interim management services. Tatum focuses on optimizing the Office of the CFO, helping organizations facing challenges or transition due to:
• Performance issues
• Mergers, acquisitions or exit
• Rapid growth
• Infrastructure constraints
• Leadership skill or capacity gap

Tatum has 37 offices nationwide and I will be located in the office that serves southern Florida. The office is in Ft. Lauderdale but as a consultant I will either work from home (the boat) or at the client's office. I will not have a specific Tatum office. Most of the clients are in the area between Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton.

As most of you know already, I spent the majority of my career as a CFO in various high tech companies in the DC area, the Boston area and in Montreal. That background, including three initial public offerings, a number of acquisitions and several restructurings made this position with Tatum possible and will let me do those types of strategic events but as a consultant now instead of as an employee.

I'm very excited about this opportunity. Not only will it be a fun job, if one must have a job, but Tammy and I will get to explore and get to know a whole new area of the country. We plan to spend the first month of our time here docked at the Dinner Key Marina in Coconut Grove, just south of Miami on Biscayne Bay across from Key Biscayne. Coconut Grove is a cool little town that tries to keep its own personality even though it is technically part of Miami and carries a Miami address. After Coconut Grove, who knows, we may move up the coast toward Ft. Lauderdale. The final destination will be dependent on where Tammy ends up working.

If any of our cruising buddies are passing through, please look us up. If any of our other friends end up in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, be sure and give us a call. Remember, we're only 3 hours from Key West!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Too Much Fun, So Little Time!

Well the dirty deed is done - no get your mind out of the gutter - Doug went and got his hair cut!!! It was a pretty traumatic day for both of us - it had been over two and a half years since his last haircut and we both hated to see his ponytail go - after all, who else am I going to share my scrunchies with????
The Haircut in Progress
But neither of us was sure if the corporate world was ready for a long-haired, ear pierced, tattooed pirate so the hair at least was one thing he could change - the rest they'll just have to deal with!!! So here are the "after pictures" - refer to our last blog for the "before" pictures!!!
Doug did save the majority of the ponytail which he can attach to random baseball hats whenever he is in the mood to relive his pirate years!!!
The Ponytail
Doesn't he look cute!!

We made a quick trip up to Fort Lauderdale where Doug had an interview for a "real job" (see the picture of Doug in a suit - yikes!!!)
- of course we had to make it an adventure so we stayed overnight at the Bahia Mar marina which all you John MacDonald fans will understand is the home of the Busted Flush, Travis McGee's houseboat that he won in a poker game (for any of you that have not discovered these books, you are in for a treat - they are truly one of the greatest series of books ever written and were the first in a subsequently long line of zany, slightly off-based Florida characters although in my humble opinion none has ever come close to the charming, devil may care, dangerous yet oddly philosophical Travis!!!
Bahia Mar in Ft. Lauderdale
Unfortunately some mega-yacht has taken over slip F-18 - not sure exactly what Travis would think of Bahia Mar now with all its oversized luxury crewed yachts, although I'm thinking he wouldn't have thought the changes are for the better!!
Slip F-18 at Bahia Mar
We had a great evening strolling along the beachfront and the people watching is surely worth it's weight in gold!!
Having at Beer on the Boardwalk in Ft. Lauderdale
The Waterfront in Ft. Lauderdale

Upon returning to KW, the independence celebration was still in full gear so we watched the bloody battle (a re-enactment of the Conch Republic navy and US Navy going at it during KW's secession) from the sunset pier - the pleasure boats and schooners armed with super soakers thought they would carry the day until the Coast Guard boats turned their water cannons on them - game over!!! After meeting up with our dockmates Brett and Jill, we had an "early" evening celebratory dinner at Mangia Mangia - who needs a reason to celebrate - we're in Key West after all!!!

No sooner had we returned to the SIG, when our long time friend Mary Ouellette and her boyfriend Jim came into town - just in time for the end of the KW independence celebration too!! We wasted no time getting them settled in before we headed into town for the bed races - yes you read that correctly.
The Gang Waiting for the Start of the Bed Races
As part of the independence festivities Duval Street is closed down and various bars deck out beds on wheels and race them down the street. Words alone can not do this justice so I'll let the pictures do the talking - welcome to KW guys!!!
From the bed races, it was on to Guy Harveys,
Having a Beer at Guy Harvey's
Flying Monkeys where Mary got a "good size" sippy cup full of some frozen concoction,
Mary and Her Sippy Cup of Adult Beverage
El Alamo where Mary met a new friend and learned the cornhole game,
Mary and Her New Friend Geo
and then over to the pirates ball at Schooner Wharf for more music, cigars, adult beverages and Jim's imitation of a Macy's Day parade float (go Jim!!!)
Pirate Band at Schooner Wharf
Jim Imitates a Macy's Blimp
Jim and Tammy Have a Cigar at Schooner Wharf
Seemed like everyone was at Schooners that night as we ran into Jay and Nancy from Serendipity who were down from Marathon and Bob and Nancy from our dock!!
Jay and Nancy with the Gang at Schooner Wharf
A very late dinner at Salsa Loca was just what the doctor ordered after more refills of the sippy cup - you can't just gradually introduce someone to KW, we believe the best way is total immersion or nothing at all. Mary and Jim saw more than they bargained for that day I would guess and we had the whole rest of the week to go!!!!

Sunday after more fun and games (and some recovery time), we wound up at the Green Parrot for soundcheck where our friend Bill Blue was playing - awesome blues, popcorn and good friends!!
The Gang at the Green Parrot to See Bill Blue
Bill Blue at the Green Parrot
Scott and Michelle Kirby showed up after an afternoon of sailing so they were raring to go (or at least Scott was but Michelle was very happy!)
Scott and Michelle at the Green Parrot
The Parrot is great for people watching and some of the dancing is more than entertaining - we laughed for hours!! This coozie took the cake though!!!
Following the great music at the Parrot no one was ready to go home (except Michelle), so we headed over to Louie's Backyard where we were joined by Bill Blue, his wife Bev and the band!!! There is no better place on a warm KW evening to enjoy a few cocktails with friends while watching the stars and being lulled by the rhythmic sound of the waves lapping gently against the shore!! Late night Chinese food was a perfect way to end a great day (yes I've finally found a good Chinese place down here although I had to kiss a lot of frogs first!!!)

Our dockmates Paula and Dave snuck off and got married the other day so it was time to celebrate with them on their boat Bellissimo on Monday - it was also somewhat of a good-bye party as our friends Greg and Karen were leaving the next morning to head back to Michigan via Stuart and the Chesapeake Bay and our friends Terry and Loie on Coconuts who had hosted so many of our Wednesday night sunset parties all winter were heading out the next day for their summer home back in Islesboro, ME!!
Cocktails on Bellissimo
Jill is Surrounded by Dave and Paula, the Newlyweds
Dinner at Hogfish in beautiful downtown Stock Island seemed to be the thing to do - Mary and Jim are now addicted to Key West pink shrimp and hogfish!!!

Gypsies actually headed out the next morning for a couple days - we went out for some fishing (unfortunately not catching) and headed up to Boca Grande for the night, a gorgeous little island next to the Marquesas and further south on the way to the Dry Tortugas. What a beautiful steam we had with unbelievably clear turquoise water and lots of dolphin, turtles and flying fish to keep us company!!
A Sea Turtle Watches Gypsies Pass By
Although we had a bit of a rockin' and rollin' anchorage, the water was great and the sunset to die for!! It was great to be back out cruising again and Mary and Jim got to see a small slice of the life we've been living for the past couple years - they didn't want to come back!!!
Jim and Mary Enjoy Being at Sea on Gypsies
Mary and Jim Try Out the Water at the Anchorage
Sunset off Boca Grande
Sunset off Boca Grande
The next day was a bit rougher than was predicted but we still went outside the reef to fish - Doug and Jim both caught fish (unfortunately they were bonito which aren't good eating fish but at least we were catching and not just fishing!!!) Lots of fun!!!

Plus after a couple days away from the insanity of KW, we were ready to head back into town and hit the Raw Bar for some happy hour oysters, KW pinks and pitchers of ShockTop!!! We headed back for another soundcheck at the Parrot to see the Red Elvises who truly rocked out the house (think cross between the B-52s and the Talking Heads!!!!) Talk about a great show - we had to have their greatest hits cd for the ipod - I'll be working out to their music (sometime when I get my butt back to the gym!!!)
The Red Elvises at the Green Parrot
After a great dinner at Fogarty's, we were treated to some street music from spiderman (I keep saying this but you just can't make this stuff up!!)
Spiderman Plays on the Street in KW
before heading up to Margaritaville where our friends Scott and Dave were playing!! Brett and Jill had the same idea so we made a party of it!!
Scott and Dave Play at Margaritaville

We started out Thursday at the Southernmost Beach Cafe (guess where that was located?) for some music from the Songwriter's Festival - we learned the hard way that the best performers definitely don't play that early in the day although we did get our toes in the sand!! After struggling to listen to songs like "I like cowgirls butts" and such other stimulating lyrics, we headed off in search of alternative fun (I can watch just about any live music but even I struggled with that!) Soon enough it was time for Mary's tattoo at Paradise Tattoo that she had picked out the other day - a blue and black gecko on her ankle!!
Mary Getting Her Tattoo at Paradise Tattoo
Contrary to popular opinion, we do not encourage tattoos, it's just that everyone who comes to visit wants one and we just tell them where to go - so to speak! Well Mary's came out great but clearly she was in need of some sustenance and something to dull the pain, so off we went for an afternoon of Schooner Wharf wings while listening to the "dulcet" tones of Michael McCloud!
Michael McCloud at Schooner Wharf
Two platters of caribbean spiced wings later (we all agree they are the best wings ever!!!), Jim needed the complete set of Michael's recordings!! If there is any better place to spend an afternoon, I'm not sure where it is!!
Beer and Wings at Schooner Wharf
But once Michael stopped playing, we had to find somewhere to go so crawling up Duval we stumbled into Durty Harry's lured by a sign that Freebo (Bonnie Rait's former guitarist and former performer on Gypsies) was playing as part of the Songwriters Festival. Very cool - we watched more great music as he was joined by songwriters who have written for Keith Urban, Willie Nelson, Kenny Chesney, etc - you get the picture, these guys are really, really good!!!

But the evening was not over as El Alamo lay in our path back to the car and pork sliders and $1 drafts called our name!
Doug, Jim and Mary at El Alamo
Finally after walking back to the car up by Louie's at the southernmost part of the island (which is a hike although we would have had to walk to Miami and back to burn off all we had eaten and drunk the past week!!), we decided on an early night with some take-out Chinese!

Unfortunately Mary and Jim had to leave Friday morning for the drive back up the Keys and a flight out of Miami - we were so sad to see them leave!! Too much fun was had by all - but we'll see you guys soon!! Love ya!! Their leaving also meant Doug and I could no longer put off boat chores - we are leaving KW this coming Tuesday so we have lots of stuff to get done before then! However all work and no fun (I know, not our problem!!) makes us dull, so we hit Hogfish for happy hour to see Freebo play again!
Freebo (in Yellow Tie Dye) and Gang Play at Hogfish
He was joined by a bunch of other songwriters, one of whom had written a great song (especially for KW) called Hair of the Dog!!
Songwriter Who Wrote "Hair of the Dog"
The songwriter's festival is really cool since you get to hear very talented musicians that you mostly don't know but whose songs you do because they were recorded by other more "famous" musicians. Yes some musicians write many of their own songs but it has been amazing to hear how many songs are in fact written by someone else and just recorded by the artist you associate with the song. More songwriters festival for us this afternoon and evening - we've decided to do boat chores all day and music all night - we have to take advantage of KW while we're still here after all!!!
Weather Humor at Hogfish