Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Farewell Boots

The past couple weeks have been pretty tough ones on Gypsies as we watched our 23 year old best friend and the best cruising boat kitty ever, Boots (aka Bootsie, the Bootser, muffin doodlebug, etc - we told her that all her silly nicknames meant we loved her so very much!) go downhill. Knowing that the end was near didn't make last night any easier for us, though, as we finally lost our furry little friend and the lord and master of the boat (anyone who has ever lived with a cat, and notice I didn't say owned because you don't own a cat - they own you, knows that cats are the master of the house and you are there to do their bidding - as it should be!) after almost 24 amazing years of love, friendship, laughs and lots of treats and kisses (going both ways). Today is a very sad and quiet day on Gypsies as we try through our tears to remember all the great memories we have of not only Boots, but her sister Puss who we lost right after Christmas this past year, and their Momma, who we lost several years ago.

I remember like it was yesterday when I first saw Boots and Puss after they were born - and Bootsie, not even able to stand yet, leaned over and kissed my nose with her scratchy little tongue. It was love at first sight - she had me from hello! Believe it or not, that was shortly after I had graduated from college (yes I know I'm dating myself - could it really have been so long ago?) - Boots has been a huge part of my life for more than half my life and virtually all my adult (and I use that word loosely) life!!! She has made us laugh so often with her antics and has given us so much unconditional love that we feel a gaping hole in our hearts as we think of life without her. Despite the fact she made me sneeze as she slept on my head each night (yes I was allergic), we wouldn't have traded an instant of our time with such a special animal. I have never seen anyone or anything more empathetic - if you were down or sick, Boots always sensed it and would sit with you giving kisses and love until you felt better. All she asked in return was a few shrimp, some tuna, a little fresh deli ham or turkey, and maybe some fresh mahi now and again - and of course to be treated as the Queen she was!! Of course she was spoiled but then she spoiled us too with all her love and after all, if you can't spoil your animals, why have them? What a special and loving girl she was!!!

Boots spent several days of her last week cruising with us as she had for the prior two years as we moved the boat to our new home up in the Canaveral Barge Canal at Harbortown Marina on Merritt Island - she quickly got her sea legs back and made the most of the trip. But the past couple days she spent doing what she loved the most - she was in our laps and in our arms being fed tuna and treats and getting lots of kisses from Mom and Dad. I truly think she knew what was up and wanted as much time with us as possible. Unfortunately we didn't have any fresh mahi for her as we cruised on the ICW most of the time for her comfort rather than heading offshore to fish. Tuna was one of her favorites although nothing topped fresh mahi for Boots - when we cruised in the Bahamas, nothing made her happier than to see a nice big mahi swinging onto the back of the boat - she literally would stand at the back door knowing fresh fish treats were in store for her.

Happy fishing in heaven Bootser - hope the mahi are running for you! We loved you so much and will miss you - Gypsies will never be the same without you!! Say hi to Puss and Momma for us!


  1. I am so sad - Bootsie was a cool cat and I know your hearts are broken. Gypsies will never be the same without the Kitties.

    Sending big hugs your way.....

  2. I stumbled upon your site as we are heading for the first time to Cocoa Beach this weekend. We just lost our beloved cat Cecil and we are just crushed. Im so sorry about your lovely Boots. You guys obviously gave her an extraordinary and wonderful life. It truely is difficult to move on after something so traumatic, but your story is making it a little easier for me, knowing Im not the only one going through this kind of pain.