Friday, July 30, 2010


Our Florida adventure is continuing to evolve as is our location, although I think (hope) this new location will be for awhile. So what's up?? Doug just accepted an offer to be the Executive Vice President and CFO of a very cool open source business intelligence software company called Pentaho based in (drum roll please)......Orlando!!! So that means some time next week Gypsies is going to head her pointy end north to a new marina somewhere in the Cocoa/Merritt Island area which will be about a 45 minute commute to Doug's office in Orlando. Best part of the job is Doug can go back to business casual - ie no suits!!!!! Part of jumping right into the fire is that Doug has to be on a plane to San Francisco on Sunday for Pentaho's semi-annual sales meeting Mon-Tues, so Bootser and I will be having wild girls nite out parties back on the boat - heck now we can even spring for wine in a bottle since we have an income again!!! So if anyone is in town......

We are heading out soon to the Apple store to get Doug (a/k/a the gadget guru - he's baaaaack) the new iPad he's been drooling over (and which we had to go look at every single time we passed an Apple store since it came out) - that was the deal, he got the job so now he gets his iPad!!! Tomorrow we will set off by car to Cocoa to look at marinas (we've already narrowed it down to a couple - based on hurricane protection, amenities etc) and to check out our (once again) new hood. From what we can tell Cocoa and Merritt Island are pretty cool places!!! We will be right next to Cape Canaveral and should be able to watch the shuttle launches from the boat (that's what all the marinas advertise anyways), 45 minutes to Disney, Epcot and Universal Studios (home to the awesome Harry Potter rides!!! which I see lots of in our future - heh maybe I'll get a job there....), 10 minutes from Cocoa Beach (yippee - it looks awesome), and even better further away from the disgusting display of Lebron James (aka the loser king) and Dwayne Wade playing together in South Beach! Unfortunately, we'll also be further away from Key West, but I guess we'll just have to make a long weekend of it when we head down there - gee if we have to!!!! And besides, we'll actually have money to take advantage of all this stuff now - not that we won't still be found at Guy Harveys for $1 drafts and at El Alamo for $1 pork sliders!!!!

While we will miss the marina we are in (which has been really awesome with the pool and the beach club), we won't miss Aventura which is about the most boring town I think I've ever been in (no offense to Aventura since the people who live here obviously like it that way....) but for pete's sake, there isn't even a sports bar in town!!!! No joints to hang out in and not much to do other than go to the shi shi mall to hang out with the teen and 20 something yuppies and their plastic looking, rode hard parents......ugh!!! An outing for us in Aventura is going to the public library.... (I've already checked out the library in Cocoa and it looks much bigger and better......) so we're ready for a change!

So it's all good - we're excited about the move, the job, the new opportunities and hopefully a little more happening hood to play in. Of course this means I have to start my job search all over again, but who knows maybe I'll do something wild and crazy.....I've got some fun ideas but we'll just have to see how things pan out. For now, Gypsies is going cruising again and we can't wait to get out on the water, drop some lines off the back to catch mahi and see new places!!!

Congrats Doug!!!!


  1. Yea Doug! Way to go!!!

    I think you'll love Cocoa, cute town. Small but not as plastic as Miami. Plus, you'll be closer to us. (VBG) Don't miss Kennedy Space Center - way cool!!!

    Travel safely!


  2. Congratulations, Doug! Jack and I hope good things continue to come your way in your new venture. We lived in Satelite beach waay back when Jack was based at Patrick AFB. In fact, we sailed the rivers there and loved it. And the beach is very cool - waves!! My best friend in the whole world and her wonderful children - our godchildren - live in Melbourne so you will be seeing us as it is an easy hop from CLE to MCO. Septemeber Song met all of them at my birthday party. Glad you are out of Aventura - it just wasn't you - I knew that!! Unfortunately, I think there is only one or 2 more shuttle launches and then that program is kaput. Have fun! So, how's the iPad, Doug?