Monday, December 7, 2009

Almost on the Road Again...

Stuart is a really fun place to hang out for a little while especially when you have such great cohorts as the September Song gang - we've found lots of funky dives and fun things to do....but we need to give our livers a rest (those guys are such bad influences!!) so unfortunately today we have to weigh anchor (metaphorically speaking since we're at a dock) and head south. Gypsies is being hauled out tomorrow morning at Seminole Marine, about 35 miles south of here, for some bottom paint and other work. We're hoping to be back on the waters again at least by Friday but we'll have to see how things go.

Meanwhile we hit Frank 'n Stein's for a late lunch Friday after a morning of provisioning (Gypsies is full up on beer, wine and food - can you guess our priorities??) With a sign that reads "warm buns 'n cold beer" how could we not??
Well the chili cheese dogs, battered french fries and pitcher of cold beer certainly hit the spot (now you know why we work out every morning!!!) We tried to limit ourselves to just one dog although they were so good, Doug and I had to split a second one - tasty!!!
Then it was on to happy hour at Wahoo's where we assumed our usual seats at the bar and enjoyed little mini roast beef sandwiches (what, they were free??) - we love this town!!!
Bob Thanks Stephanie for the Sandwich!
Friday is ladies night at Wahoo's where ladies drink for free from 10-12 pm - now that's a challenge if I've ever seen one - so we went back to Gypsies, had a power nap and emerged at 10:00 pm raring to go!!! They had a great DJ who was rockin' out the place and the dance floor was packed - sure enough I drank free beers all night and Doug's were even on special $2 drafts!! I think they had to tap a new keg while we were there.....coincidence, I think not!!
Tammy Sets New Record at Stuart Ladies Night!
Lady's Night at Wahoo's

The next morning we dragged ourselves out of bed to meet Bob to work out but the fitness center wasn't open early enough so we had to miss a workout (whew!!!) - we were on a mission to hit the nautical flea market early before all the good stuff was gone. Turns out there wasn't a ton of good stuff even that early in the morning but it was fun anyways!!
Lentine Marine's Nautical Flea Market
A couple more stops for provisions and then it was back to the boats for the afternoon to sit out some particularly nasty weather - a front has been stalled on top of us for days so we've been dealing with lots of clouds and rain although the temps haven't been too bad (that is until we headed out for the holiday boat parade that evening - the temps had dropped a good 40 degrees!!) While we were waiting in line for some hot chocolate, we almost missed the boat parade - lets just say that the 8 or 9 boats were pretty anticlimactic - but it gave us something to laugh about anyways!!
Not wanting to call it a night, we headed to Pei Wei which is an Asian diner owned by Chef Changs - very cool place with great food!!! Yet again we stuffed ourselves silly - now do you see why we have to leave this place!!!
Dinner at Pei Wei

Yesterday we hit the local farmers market which while better than the boat parade was a little disappointing in that it was sorely lacking in sweets and baked goods (ie no cinnamon buns for Bob's bfast so he settled for a little key lime pie!) Doug and I hung out in town awhile window shopping and then hanging out at Duffy's sports bar watching the Patriots (I'm very glad we had to walk back to the boat before the end of the game as the Pats disintegrated and let the lowly Miami Dolphins beat us - come on Tom - geez!!!)
Duffy's Sports Bar

Last night was special - we celebrated Christmas with Stephanie, Bob, Cassie and Godiva on September Song - SS is all decorated for the holidays and looks great!! We have been remiss on Gypsies - I promise I'll get the decorations out once we're off the hard!! Chef Stephanie outdid herself as always - the food was spectacular, the drinks flowed and the laughter never seemed to stop!
The Chefs!
Christmas Dinner on September Song
Bob's New "Fishing Hat"
Another great evening with some wonderful friends - if only all Xmases could be this good!!!!
Cassie Watches the Festivities
Godiva Hopes Someone Will Drop Something
It is just hitting us that by leaving we have to say goodbye to SS at least for a while - they are staying here in Stuart through mid-January while we head to the Keys and then they plan to cross Lake Okeechobee and cruise the west coast of FL this winter. WOW - and then depression set in!! We are seriously going to miss those guys - but we know we'll see them down in the Keys sometime before they cross to the Bahamas!!! And Bob is going to come down on Wednesday and help us with the bottom job on Gypsies - now that's a true friend!!!! We love you guys!!

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