Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friends and Family...Here and Then Gone

We've had a really busy week here in Baltimore - first we survived a gale (actually it wasn't too bad here on the dock although we had 40 knots of wind and even the seagulls were having trouble standing around!!) Glad we weren't still out on anchor!!! There were serious whitecaps on the inner harbor - I can only imagine what the Bay was like. Hope all our friends were tucked away safe and sound - we hunkered down with the boat kitties and did some serious studying!
The Gale in Baltimore Harbor
The Seagulls Survive the Gale

After an all day class this past Saturday we are now professional rescuers in CPR and AED so have no fear guys - we'll save you. Now we're into breathing tubes, tracheotomies, severe bleeding and shock - no we have not come across the need for any large safety pins yet so Norm can rest a little easier (although sticking a tube down someone's nose or suctioning out vomit to keep their airway open does not look like much fun!!) Oh the joys of first aid!! Luckily we're practicing on mannequins because Doug's eyes got a little too bright if you ask me when our instructor told us about the nasal and oral breathing tubes!!!

Finally we have been spending time with friends and family over the past several days - first we had drinks on Saturday night with Julia and Joe from Sea Pearl, a beautiful 53' DeFever that we had met down in Marathon and then again at the rendezvous last February. They were passing through Baltimore on their way south and had read in our blog we were around so we got caught up over several cocktails and lots of laughter at Koopers Tavern, a great little bar in Fells Point near our marina (which we have come to know quite well as you might expect!)
Julia and Joe at Koopers
Unfortunately Salty (the boat puppy) was not out with them that evening but we did get to see him the next day as we ran into them on the street out exploring. Salty was not in a photogenic mood so all my friend was able to get was a picture of his behind - but then again isn't that how dogs say hello??? It was wonderful to see those guys and we look forward to catching up again much further south - trust me, we're a little jealous of anyone headed south right about now given that the forecast here for the next four days is for temps in the 40s and 50s - UGH!!!! I may even need to break out the long pants and hoodies!!!

On Sunday Doug's daughter Lisa and her three girls joined us on the boat for the afternoon as did our wonderful friend from Rhode Island, Mary Ouellette. After a quick chat together on the boat, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day by dividing and conquering - Doug, Lisa and the girls walked to the Inner Harbor for an afternoon of ice cream and rides on the dragon boats,
Oldest to Youngest, Lisa, Caytie, Tina and Lexi, Prepare for the Dragon Boat Ride
The Girls on the Dragon Boat
while Mary and I explored the many special watering holes in Fells Point (think Doug and Lisa would have liked to switch spots with us but heh someone had to do it!!) We ran into each other outside of Moby's where Mary and I had been taking advantage of the $1 beers while cheering against the Ravens (not a popular thing in Baltimore) - actually we didn't make our opposition too well known given the mix of people in the bar - we wanted to come out of there alive after all!!
Mary Makes Friends at Moby's
We had actually been looking for a place to watch the Red Sox game which is why we had to try out so many of the local Fells Point establishments (good rationalization huh??) but as it turned out, I guess I'm glad I missed that one!

While Doug and the girls headed back to the boat for some dinner, Mary and I wound up at Koopers to watch a little of the Patriots game - we felt the need to go to a different bar after the Ravens lost and Moby's got a little out of hand! Eventually we headed back to the boat to help out with dinner for the girls - after inhaling spaghetti and meatballs (and you think growing boys can eat??? I'd take these girls any day!) and watching a great sunset, we had to say goodbye to Lisa and the girls.
Sunset over Baltimore Harbor
Time for Mary, Doug and I to head back out to Shuckers to see the end of the Patriots game - what, we had a lot of fun and catching up to do!!! Unfortunately that game didn't wind up the way we wanted it to either....bad sports day for Boston, but great day of seeing old friends and family!!
Mary and Doug at Shuckers

Mary stayed with us for several more days of fun and games - although we did get our drug tests taken (one step closer to our captains license) and did some re-provisioning. When asked how Mary's trip was, she can brag about hitting Costco, Walmart, Best Buy, etc - whooeee some fun there!! When we were out and about doing errands we happened to run into a great sign for another bar - it took us a minute but then we dissolved into fits of laughter - you just absolutely can't make this stuff up!!!
You Can't Make this Stuff Up!
Do you really think the guy didn't get it??? Anyways we made it up to her that afternoon by heading over to the inner harbor for some sightseeing - we saw the Coast Guard Cutter Taney, the last surviving warship that was at Pearl Harbor;
the lightship the Chesapeake which was stationed as a manned navigational beacon at the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay until the beginning of WW II - she remained on duty until 1970 when she was replaced by an automatic beacon;
The Lightship Chesapeake
the USS Torsk, a submarine active in several wars;
Mary and Doug in Front of the Torsk
the old converted Baltimore power plant which now houses the ESPN Zone, Hard Rock Cafe and other notable stores;
The Power Plant
the USS Constellation, the last Civil War vessel afloat;
USS Constellation
the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse;
Seven Foot Shoal Lighthouse - Now on Pier 5 in Baltimore
Federal Hill where all the Federal troops gathered to plot attacks on the Confederacy during the Civil War, and the Katyn Memorial, which is dedicated to all the Polish military officers who lost their lives in the Russian slaughter at Katyn forest and in the three camps the officers were sent to in Russia.
Katyn Memorial

After such an eventful afternoon it was only appropriate we show Mary the other side of Baltimore centered in Fells Point - so off we went to One-Eyed Mikes, whose slogan (It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye) Doug could not resist so another tee-shirt came aboard Gypsies.
One-eyed Mike's
One-eyed Mike's is a Grand Marnier Club - the Original 32 Members' Bottles

Crystal Vodka Bottles in the Shape of a Skull
From there we stopped into the world famous Bertha's for some mussels (sadly we found it to be yet another of those legendary places that is still coasting on its reputation rather than its great food) - although the decor was worth the trip!!
Bertha's Mussells
Sign on the Ladies Room Door in Bertha's
Across the way we spied Max's Taphouse which is owned by the cousin of a friend of ours in Maine - so we stopped for a quick coldie and happened upon a couple more great tee-shirts (Mary and I couldn't resist the "Not tonight boys....I'm here for the beer!" and Doug couldn't pass up the "You can't drink all day if you don't start first thing in the morning")!!!

On the way back to the boat we did a little window shopping but couldn't resist going into the Hats in the Belfry store - in honor of Bob on September Song who we think has a hat fetish, Doug and Mary proceeded to try on all kinds of hats (Doug even tried to pose like Bob - check out our Charleston pictures where we even had a contest to pick the best hat on Bob!!!)

Little did we know that while we were thinking of Bob, he actually was acting on his hat fetish - see September Song's blog from the other day!!!! Too funny!! We obviously miss you guys a lot Bob and Stephanie!!!! and not just because you guys are headed south to where its warm!!!

The next day we awoke bright and early (OK maybe bright eyed and bushy tailed isn't exactly how it was) and determined that a big breakfast was in order so we hit the Blue Moon Cafe where we stuffed ourselves beyond all recognition - a new term STUBAR was coined!!! I avoided the Captain Crunch French Toast only through an act of inhuman will power. Then it was off to search for Mary's heros - Charm City Cakes who have a show on the Food Network (Ace of Cakes I think). Mary is a master cake baker in her own right but wanted to check out where the boys make their cakes - in a not so wonderful part of town, we found their lair but there were black trash bags over the windows so we assume they were filming (the guys walking in and out with cameras gave it away although from the looks of the neighborhood, we still weren't positive it wasn't something else!) Actually riding the metro and bus each night to class, Doug and I are getting quite a lesson in urban ghetto fashion chic - who knew the pants hanging off the butt tied off with a belt around the private parts looking like a tourniquet is still so in???

Anyways, Mary and I then set off to do a little shopping and surprisingly found ourselves at One-Eyed Mikes and the Wharf Rat (really we were looking for a tee-shirt for Mary's son Matt....)
The Wharf Rat
before we finally settled for an outside table at Slainte Irish Pub and Restaurant to enjoy the last sun we're going to see for some time and so Mary could experience one more Maryland crab cake!!
Slainte Irish Pub and Restaurant
Tammy and Mary Having Lunch at Slainte
Unfortunately then it was time for Mary to head to the airport and for us to head to class - I guess the old saying "the party's over" is appropriate. Now that we've had our fun for several days (thanks Mary for coming down and playing!!!), it's time for us to buckle down, study and get back to boat projects!!! Two more weeks in Baltimore and then we will be making tracks to head south - especially since we just heard that one of the bridges over the ICW right above Charleston is going to be closed for 10 days in mid November -we need to be south of there before that happens!!! Good incentive I guess to get to where its warm - as if we really needed one!!!

Click here to see a Google map of our location at Henderson's Wharf.

Click here to see a Google map of all the bars we visited this weekend in Fells Point.


  1. Yeah sure....right! You guys are staying in Baltimore to work! Yeah, I really believe that (NOT) Buckle down, kids. Get to your studies so you can take care of the rest of us!
    (BTW, glad to hear you know about the bridge shut-down)
    We're headed for the Church bar when it stops raining!

  2. School days, school days, good old golden rule days. Reviving, Regurgitating, and this tube where do I stick? Get me a doctor I think I'm going to be sick! (put the music to it)
    Bob's sick humor
    I need to go to, then I'm going to the Mad Hatter to try on some hats
    Sure miss you guys

  3. Miss you guys already. Had such a wonderful time with you in Baltimore!!!!! Disappointed that I didn't get a chance to meet the infamous Bob and Stephanie....but there IS Marathon right?...... Chat w/ you guys soon! Love you! -- Mary