Friday, January 30, 2009

Tequila Sunrise

If we haven't made you hate us in awhile, keep reading!

Tammy here by the way - in fact, you are stuck with just me for the next 10 days while John is back in Manchester doing the "work for a living" gig - yuck!!

I'm writing this post from our flybridge while sitting in St. Leonard's Creek off the Patuxent River - the sun is blaring and its 82 degress!! Yup, I'm in a bathing suit and suntan lotion and still getting fried. Sun pig (as I have been nicknamed) is loving life!! Oh yeah, I'm also quaffing a Natty Boh - this stuff actually grows on you!

We left Baltimore Wednesday morning and about 5 miles out of the harbor read an email from one of our friends from Maine, Marc Feldman - his cousin owns a really cool bar Max's in Fells Point (where did I mention we just LEFT!!). Can I tell you how bad that timing was - we could have been scarfing down really good beer instead of the Natty Boh and Coors Light that exists on our boat. So anyone who has cousins or families out there that own a bar, tell us now so we can plan accordingly!!!

After being docked for 3 days in Baltimore, we needed the tranquility of a nice anchorage and we found a great one! Past Annapolis in the South River, we found Harness Creek - it was an amazingly beautiful little crick (we are getting further south!) which had several little coves and even a hurricane hole. When we pulled in, there were a couple other boats already anchored but we had plenty of room - at first we thought we were in for another Eagle Cove, but such was not to be the case. With everyone watching our anchor dance, we were secure and safely quenching our thirsts within half an hour.

With the sun burning brightly, the crick was begging to be explored so Doug and I launched the kayaks and did the grand tour through the hurricane hole and then back as far as the crick would take us. On the way we saw tons of fish jumping, blue herons swooping and ducks swimming!! One particular heron was so unafraid of us that I swear it kept telling us to take pictures of her left side since that was her better side!!
Talk about photogenic - the only thing that rivals her are our boat kitties who seem to love to get their picture taken (at least some of the poses they get into leads us to believe that)!
After Colleen took a spin on the kayak, we watched another tequila sunset (oops think that is sunrise, but....)

Thursday morning we got to witness what has to be the most breathtaking 45 minutes I've ever been privileged enough to see - and before I go any farther, I'm just going to tell you that no picture that we took can possibly do it justice. For those of you that know me, I'm not often speechless but I was this morning (and Doug wanted to record it for posterity since it likely won't happen again soon!) It was another early start for the Gypsies crew as we had a 6 1/2 hour trip ahead of us. As we were weighing anchor, our cove was bathed in shades of pink as the rising sun was just starting to dust the clouds. The pink shades of the skies were reflected in the waters of the creek and magnified if that's possible.
Thinking this was all the show that Mother Nature had for us, we got under way... but Mother Nature was not done with us yet! As we headed out the South River, a blazing red fireball started to rise from behind the headland and bathed the entire river in a sea of color.
In front of us was this amazing sunrise vista that was reflecting every shade of red, orange and gold known to an artist's palette while behind us the moon was dropping between the pink shrouded clouds to disappear for yet another day - we were/are in awe.
How do you top that show??? Hopefully Mother Nature will keep trying!

The clouds from the first part of our run gave way to blazing sunshine so as we wound our way past Solomon's Island and up the Patuxent, we were all feeling pretty good! Our anchorage for Thursday night was in St. Leonard's Creek (I don't want anyone to think I'm getting religion on this trip, there's just a lot of St. Somewhere's down here...Friday night the plan is to be in St. Clement's Creek in the Potomac River....) We are in a wonderfully protected nook of the creek which we fully intend to explore....

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