Friday, January 30, 2009

Boat Kitties

Our two cats, Puss and Boots, have finally gotten their sea paws!! When we first started planning this adventure, we weren't sure that they would still be with us - they are both 21 years old after all - yes, you read that correctly. They are gorgeous Maine Coon cats and still as frisky as ever - so when they were still going strong as our departure approached, we stocked up on kitty food and our foursome became a sixsome. We brought them both on board the Monday before we left Kport so they could get used to the boat for a week before we fired up the engines. The car ride over to the marina (all of 1 mile) was more traumatic it turned out than their new home. Bootsie was a little more adventurous than her sister Puss - she saw stairs and within about an hour she was climbing up them to see what mysteries the pilothouse held; and then she saw another set of stairs and bravely took off down them to find her bedroom. Its not ours anymore really - the cats have taken it over as theirs! Puss wasn't quite as quickly convinced that this boat thing was a good idea - she tried to hide under the couch and the chairs and wouldn't let me out of her sight.'imgp0171.jpg' But that first night they both slept downstairs with us and we thought everything was going to be OK - they seemed to like the close confines of the boat since we were always close by and they love all the catnip beds'imgp0184.jpg' and sleep pads that now decorate our DeFever (they've taken over our couch too!). 'imgp0186.jpg'

The second night unfortunately wasn't as easy as the first - Bootsie was up most of the night crying (translation - so were we). We think it was that all the change hit her at once and in the middle of the night she couldn't find her food or water - basically she just had a kitty panic attack. The next morning dawned bright and early for all of us but Bootsie seemed to be doing much better - she at least had finally gotten some sleep. Over the week, the girls got much more comfortable with the boat although Bootsie still likes to meow in the middle of the night (usually between 3-5 am) to get attention. She is now called the boat rooster!! And seems to take pride in holding up her end of that name!!

Saturday was the first time they not only heard the engines on the boat but took a ride - of course we had 3-5 foot seas - guess there's no breaking them in gradually. The cats didn't know what to make of it - they kept looking at us as if to say "do you guys know our house is moving??" Puss finally went downstairs and figured she would sleep through it - just as she got up on the top of our double pillow (she plays queen of the hill) though, we hit a big wave and the pillows went flying out from under her. She was not amused!! But eventually she settled down and now just sleeps whenever we are at sea! That first day Bootsie stayed up in the salon to try and figure things out - not a good idea. She wanted to see what was going on but just got to see all the waves - uh oh, kitty seasickness. Auntie Colleen was there to sympathize since she wasn't feeling so great either.

Happy to report though that after 4 days at sea, the girls are both doing great - they have found their sea paws and now just sleep while we are underway. 'imgp0181.jpg' Of course as soon as we tie up for the day, they are ready for some serious love and treats! Now if only the boat rooster would learn to sleep through 4:00 AM!!

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