Monday, May 10, 2010

New Adventures in Coconut Grove

Well if you read Doug's blog yesterday, you know we made it to our new "temporary/permanent - who knows" home at the Dinner Key Marina in Coconut Grove on Saturday and we've had one whole day to get acclimated before Doug had to start work today (although he doesn't have an office so right now we are both on our computers sitting at the helm station table). The last two weeks have been absolutely crazy - in fact we had expected to still be in Key West until the end of this week but as cruisers we know that plans often change. The Key West Harbor Yacht Club where we had been staying tried to milk us for another month's rent despite the fact that that wasn't our deal so we said see ya - one of the great things about having a boat is being able to pack up and move instead of taking anyone's sh_t!!! After all the crap we put up with at that marina all winter - unbelievable!!! But that's OK, cruisers also have long memories and a long reach through all the cruiser associations (hint hint)!!!

Anyways, despite the marina issues we had a great last week in KW enjoying the rest of the Songwriters Festival and hanging with all of our friends. Drinks out on the sunset pier with new musicians to hear,

listening to Freebo at the Galleon tiki hut with Jill, Brett, Nancy and Bob (several of our last remaining dockmates - we'll miss you guys tons!!),

watching the Cavs/Celtics with Brett of hardcore Cavs fame, saying rounds of goodbyes to Caroline and Lindsay at GH's, Patty at the Hogfish, Wendy and Vicki at Schooners etc and one final show listening to Scott and Dave followed by our last drinks in KW with Scott at Louie's Backyard - somehow that seemed so fitting!!!
Scott and Dave at the Sunset Pier
The Gang Watches Scott and Dave
We never did get in last happy hours at Raw Bar or Kelly's or the Alamo but I guess you have to have things to come back for!!! Don't worry KW - we'll be back!!! In between the evenings of fun, laughter, music and friendship was a lot of boat work that we had put off all winter - all of a sudden Gypsies needed to be mobile again - we had become dock whores!!! Work hard, play hard has always been our motto! So soon enough Gypsies was ready to go and after final goodbyes, we cast off the dock lines intending on a leisurely path up the Keys.

The first day out under beautiful skies and peaceful seas on our way to Marathon, Doug got the call that he had gotten the job - good news, bad news....the bad news was they wanted him to start today which meant our leisurely steam up the Keys had become a mission to get here, get settled and get ready to re-enter the real world. Despite not having the time to dawdle, we anchored outside of Marathon and enjoyed a wonderful sunset and dinner under the stars! We had missed this about cruising!!!
Doug Relaxes on the Bridge After Arriving Just Outside Boot Key Harbor
Sunset Behind Seven Mile Bridge
The next day after another gorgeous day on the water with dolphins dancing around, sea turtles popping their heads up to say hello and those crazy fish skidding and jumping across the water on their tails, we tried to anchor at Rodriguez Key for the night but our recently bent anchor finally decided to betray us....nothing we did could get her to hold!!! Unbelievable - but as cruisers we had a backup plan luckily which entailed steaming back to Indian Key and picking up a mooring ball. After another beautiful sunset and fairly peaceful evening we awoke early for the long steam to Miami and were greeted by a truly gorgeous sunrise - something we didn't see often in KW unless it was as we were creeping back onto the boat trying not to wake Bootsie after another night out!
Sunrise as We Leave Indian Key

The trip up to Coconut Grove was amazing - we lucked out on having three truly gorgeous traveling days which even Bootise didn't mind too much (although she was very glad once we got tied up and the "house" stopped moving!!)
Cruising Through the Hawk Channel with the Skyline of Miami in the Distance
Passing Key Biscayne as We Head Into Biscayne Bay
Coming through Biscayne Bay we had to avoid the numerous snorkelers (yes in the channel - yikes), jog around a ton of sailboats on an "Around the Island Regatta"
Around the Island Regatta
and then dodge through "Stiltsville" which is a channel that cuts through the Bay with houses (and I use that term loosely) built on stilts sitting along the sand flats at the channel edges.
The water in the Keys is such an unbelievable shade of turquoise that it casts a spell on you such that you never want to leave but being based in Miami we know that Key Biscayne and the Keys are such a short trip away that we plan on taking every chance we get to kick off the dock lines and head south!!!
The Beautiful Water in the Keys. We'll be Back!
Scott is in fact playing at Snappers in Key Largo next weekend so we may just surprise him and head down for the show - maybe by land yacht......because that's another weird change in our lives since moving Gypsies up this way. We actually bought a car yesterday - Doug needed a way to get to and from clients and our scooters just won't cut it on these crazy Miami/FL highways!! (We did keep the scooters for bopping around Coconut Grove though!!) YIKES - we are feeling very weighted down at the moment - jobs (well OK technically just Doug has a job yet but I plan on starting to look now that we have gotten up here..), a car, a gym membership and no near term cruising plans - I'm getting the urge to run away!!! As Doug mentioned though in his blog, we are in a great spot for cruisers to stop by and see us - and given that I'm not working yet, I'd be happy to entertain and play (I've already got a pretty good handle on the best happy hours and joints in town!!!)
Gypsies in the Palace Approaches Dinner Key Marina

The marina we are in is HUGE - 582 slips - so not the real cozy liveaboard feel we had in KW despite the inept management there - we did meet one liveaboard on our dock yesterday, Bruce, who welcomed us to the neighborhood.
Dinner Key is One Very Large Marina
Think this place is going to take some getting used to but the views out to Key Biscayne and of the Miami skyline are pretty cool.
The Miami Skyline from the Bridge of Gypsies in the Palace
Plus did we mention the Keys aren't all that far away and once we replace our anchor, we can zip across Biscayne Bay and anchor out and pretend for a weekend at least that we are still cruising!!!

The Gate to Our Dock on Pier 1


  1. Welcome to your new home! That Miami skyline is beautiful at night, too!

  2. Haircuts, cars, jobs, schedules.....That's just not right! Oh how we dread the day that we know will come. Welcome, we think, to Miami! Life's2Short