Sunday, April 11, 2010

Comings and Goings in Key Weird

We had one more day with Todd and Brenda on Life's2Short in Key West although Todd was somewhat under the weather (he claims to have picked up a bug down here although most of us suspect it was about 6 or so margaritas too many the night before....but we'll go with his story....yeah OK - why not?). Todd's sister Jennifer and her husband Mark came into town for the day so we all met up (along with Greg and Sandy of Latitude Dancer who are in town for a month!!!) at Irish Kevin's for one last Bil Krauss show.
Mark, Brenda, Jennifer and Todd at Irish Kevin's
He had us laughing and groovin as usual - we'll miss you in KW Bil - thanks for the entertainment this winter!!! Bil left on Friday to head up to our old stomping grounds to run the Boston marathon and do a couple shows. Anyone up in or around Boston should check out his website and try to get to his show in Watertown on Friday, April 16th at 7:00 pm at the Orchard Park Grill!!!

From Irish Kevin's the gang headed over to hear more Michael McCloud at Schooner Wharf where Todd, thinking food would help his "bug," left the ordering to Brenda - not his best idea as she thought the junkyard fries would do the trick!!! When they arrived complete with tons of jalapenos, chili, spicy tomatoes, gobs of cheese and anything else that had been left over in the kitchen, we all just looked on in awe as Todd ate the whole thing - needless to say, they didn't help!!!!
Sitting at Schooner Wharf Listening to Michael McCloud
Todd, Brenda, Jennifer and Mark on the Wharf Outside Schooner Wharf Bar

So we suggested what he really needed was $1 beers and pulled pork sliders at our newest favorite bar in town, El Alamo - despite grimacing at the thought, he was a real trouper and followed us over where we indulged while watching the Masters! Finally uttering uncle, Todd convinced Brenda it was time to head back to their boat and being the wonderful wife she is, she reluctantly agreed (after giving some thought to our suggestion that she stay in town with us and Todd could pick her up on Gypsies on his way out of town tomorrow....we are bad!!!) Not wanting our evening to end, we picked up great Chinese food and munched while watching the rest of the Masters back on Gypsies!!! Bye guys - we had a ball and hope to see you soon!!! Our Marathon spies (which is where Life's2Short headed next) tell us Todd is still claiming to have picked up some suspicious bug while in KW.....amateur!!!!

As many of you know, our boat is over on Stock Island in the direct flight path of the Boca Chica Naval Air Station - while this has often been a pain in the butt due to the F-18s which regularly switch on their afterburners directly over our heads, on Thursday we had prime viewing as all the various airplanes started coming in to practice for the weekend air show!! We watched not only the Blue Angels but lots of red baron type trick prop planes come overhead and do tricks - way cool!!!

While we thought Bootsie would be out of her mind with the noise, she slept through the whole thing - it's great to be a cat!!!
Bootsie Sleeps Through the Blue Angels

The air show on Saturday was truly awesome - the little trick planes entertained us from our boat all morning and early afternoon but the main event was the Blue Angels. We all headed over to Coconuts, which has the highest deck of any boat in the marina and an awesome open air upper deck, for the viewing and a great party complete with our KW/ME friends Marni and Roger Heinen (who are also friends of Loie and Terry of Coconuts due to their shared island experience in Islesboro, ME - way small world!!!)
The Gang Gathers on Coconuts in Anticipation of the Air Show
What a great gathering we had in near perfect sunny, warm weather and the Angels did not disappoint. After lots of laughs, great food, cold drinks and general merriment, the Blue Angels had us mesmerized - it felt like the Fourth of July with all the ooohing and ahhhing!!!
The Crew on Coconuts Watches the Show
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves but they were simply awesome!! Thanks Coconuts for the great viewing platform and the fun!!!!
The Blue Angels Traveling Cargo Plane Fat Albert Airlines

As if the day couldn't get any better, the September Song (Bob and Stephanie), Sea Pearl (Joe) and Adventures (Jim and Robin) crews came over to the boat after hitting the air show from Marathon. Drinks up on Gypsies' flybridge
Cocktails on Gypsies in the Palace
was followed by a wonderful dinner over at Hogfish outside by the water and shrimp docks!!
Dinner at Hogfish
We introduced them to our SIG (our Stock Island Ghetto). They even got to see a few songs by the fabulous Raven - we had tried to see her when the gang was in KW on prior trips but it just never worked out!!! Once again the good-byes were sad but we are beginning to realize that with such good friends, we'll always find a way to see each other again as soon as possible. In fact, we are planning on renting a car this coming week for a reconnaisance trip to Miami and we may have to stop on our way back in Marathon, especially since the weather looks like it won't let those guys cross to the Bahamas until the end of next week - sometimes Mother Nature smiles on us even if it is in weird ways. See you guys next week - hopefully!!!

Today is a day of rest - time to chill out, dry out, starve out and just watch the final day of the Masters!!! Say what you want about Tiger but man can that guy play golf and the TV ratings are up by 47% - we'll sure be watching!!! One of the things about being at a dock is that we actually have cable and can watch sports (we hadn't watched any TV in about a year and a half while we were out on anchor most of the time!!) Well maybe the diet can start tomorrow!!!

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  1. It's now been 3 days and I have been alcohol-free and I still don't feel well, must be the Keys Disease! Loved the blog update.....I think? Signed, The Amateur