Monday, February 1, 2010


It's been really, really cool to have our scooters - they give us the freedom to just take off into town on a whim (the only down side is when you get caught in a squall, there's no place to hide and trust me, you get really wet!!! Yes, this is said from experience!!!) Before it was a prolonged decision whether or not we had it in us to ride our bikes into town - the six mile ride in wasn't the issue, it was the killer six mile ride home always with the wind directly in your face and always after at least several cocktails. Now we don't even pause - we just hop on and go!!! This could be dangerous!!! And the gas mileage sure is great - I filled my scooter up the other day and it took 0.7 gallon for a whopping $2.13 and it will last me for weeks!!!

The other day we wanted to go scout out the local marinas in KW to "check out the competition" - we always love walking around looking at boats anyways (and besides there is always lots going on down on the docks in KW!!) In between several stops at Schooner and other local watering holes, we saw the usual huge tarpon swimming around the piers waiting for some tourist to feed them but what we didn't expect to see was this beautiful heron standing on the edge of the dock while this lazy old cat slept right nearby (brave heron? or just really lazy cat??)
Brave Heron
Lazy Cat
Several of the parasail guys really stepped up to help a poor pelican who had swallowed a large fish hook - lucky for her they were there and cared enough to help her as they successfully got the hook out of her mouth and let her be on her way!!!
The Pelican After the Removal of the Fish Hook
As usual the fishing boats cleaning their catch always attract a crowd - these guys were really hungry down by the Raw Bar!!

That evening we all hopped in Brett and Jill's van for a party over at Nancy and Bob's house (not only do they have a boat Sun Luver at our marina but they actually have a house in KW too!) The wine flowed (thanks guys - what a treat to drink good wine from a bottle no less!!!) and the food was to die for (that's one thing cruisers do really well - killer app's!!!)
The Gang and Apps at Nancy and Bob's House
We were joined by some of their friends from KW and then it was on to the Los Van Van concert out at Fort Zachary Taylor! Of course there were drink booths set up
Drink Booths
- the only issue was you had to wait in line to buy drink coupons which took awhile but since the band was over an hour and a half late arriving on stage we had plenty of time to fuel up (as if we needed it!!)
The Gang Stands in Line for Coupons
Doug, Nancy and Jill Waiting for the Concert to Start
Shawna and John Waiting for the Concert to Start
The concert was great - Los Van Van is a grammy award winning 14 piece Cuban jazz/dance band who are gearing up for a huge US tour. Without understanding a word they said (I really need to learn Spanish - yet one more of those things I thought I'd have time to learn while cruising that didn't happen!!!), we all just let the beat sweep us away!!
The Crowd and the Band
Los Van Van

We hit KW the other day for a huge craft fair out on the streets of downtown - that's part of what we love about this town, there is ALWAYS something going on!!!
The Craft Fair
We wandered from booth to booth oohing and aahing over things that in our prior life we would have scooped up but which don't exactly fit on the boat (so we got out of there without buying anything - that never used to happen!!) We wandered the streets which in KW is a full time occupation for some as there is so much to see - we came upon the first well drunk from by pirates in the 1700's
Pirate Well
and the southernmost brewery (everything down here is the southernmost something which can be pretty humorous - outside Schooner Wharf is the southernmost broken cleat - gotta love people with a sense of humor!!!)
Entrance to the Southernmost Brewery
Finally it was back out to the SI ghetto to meet up with Brett and Jill at the Hogfish Bar and Restaurant where Raven was playing all afternoon.
Brett and Tammy at the Bar in Hogfish
Brett and Doug at the Bar in Hogfish
Hogfish is a local Stock Island bar and as such is home to an unbelievable array of local color and characters ranging from fishermen and shrimpers to artists of all nature - there's even usually a local contingent of boaters!!! On any given day you will see some of the funniest tee-shirts known to man since that seems to be the accepted dress code but this one and the character wearing it took the cake!!!
We have heard Raven before at Schooners and she has the most amazing voice - she can go from Latin diva to no lie Johnny Cash in a heartbeat. You'd swear if you weren't watching the sounds come out of her mouth that there had to be two singers!!!!
She rocked out the afternoon while we enjoyed a few cocktails along with a packed house - the Hog was a stop on the KW food and wine festival that was also happening that weekend (did I mention there is always something cool going on down here!!!)

Today our friend Captain Laura is in town so despite the fact it is raining, I'm sure we'll come up with something fun to do!!! Our friends Francesca and John Spain from Kennebunkport roll into town on Wednesday and will be here for a few days so we're gearing up for a really cool week. We haven't seen them since last year when we visited them in their new home in Sebring, FL!!!!

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