Friday, January 15, 2010


When we moved down here to Key West for the winter (and maybe longer), I wondered how I'd continue to get material for the blog - I mean how often can I write about days/nights out at our favorite bars or seeing our favorite musicians?? After awhile I figured that would get stale - not of course to us because we're living the fun life, but to all the readers of our blog who have come to expect us to write about all the different places/experiences we've traveled to or seen. So I promised myself that I'd only write when there was something fun to say and cool or humorous pictures to show. Maybe I'll write less often than before, but that's OK because when I write it will be because we want to share a new experience or place! Well last night's experience just about screamed for a blog entry!!!

What started out as a fantastic drinks/dinner experience on our friends Brett and Jill's sailboat Muircu with their hometown friends Jan and Bridgette, evolved into a true Key West one of a kind (maybe) experience. But first I need to do dinner justice - Brett truly outdid himself making lobster salads that looked so beautiful no one wanted to destroy the masterpieces by eating them - but not for long as we dug right in!!! Thanks for a fabulous dinner guys!
Cocktails in the Cockpit on Muircu
Brett the Master Chef

While we had planned on first hitting the Sunset Pier to hear Scott play, the cool weather and our timing caused us to rethink our plans and hang out for some additional cocktails on Muircu. Then we all piled into their van for the trip into town where we hit the "tranny show" at Aqua - now for all you that don't know what a "tranny show" is, it is a singing and dancing show by a group of heavily made up and costumed transvestites at a gay bar. Yup, I can imagine your thoughts....keep reading!! Our first experience was on the sidewalk outside of the club where Jill and Bridgett almost weren't allowed in because they didn't meet the height test - they didn't come up to the Swedish bombshell Inga's rather enormous chest protrusions (this is a family blog after all). Now I've heard of having to be a certain height to ride the go-karts or the roller coaster but that usually involved a yardstick as a measuring guide...welcome to KW!!!! As it turns out, Inga (who you'll see more of in a minute) is an ex-NFL player - gotta wonder what her/his teammates think of her now. Some NFL'ers go on to be sports commentators or coaches - but I bet not many have chosen Inga's post NFL profession - too bad, she was a riot!!!

Next we were met by our very upbeat shall I say waiter Chris who seemed to be having more fun dancing and frolicking around to the music than any of the patrons - how come gay bars always have the best dance music??? We grabbed a banquet along the side by the bar although once the show started, not many of us stayed seated - it's a very interactive event shall we say.
The Beginning of the Show
Our MC for the evening was Reba McEntire who was so screamingly funny I seriously had to wonder if I was getting out of the show without wetting my pants - she especially focused on a tranny show virgin who shyly admitted to being straight - she proceeded to tell him that he shouldn't be embarrassed by that, that he had been born that way and they'd all accept him for who he was.....he was to get lots of attention throughout the night (not only because he blushed a deep shade of purple every time the dancers would lap dance for him but because instead of tipping them ones he was handing out fists full of them!!! newbie!!!)
Reba McEntire

Well Reba was followed by a progression of costumed lip synching singer/dancers one funnier than the next. Inga was at one time the pirate wench swigging a bottle of rum,
The Pirate Wench
then the cowboy gal with a bottle of beer and a rubber chicken (don't ask and I won't tell)
The Cowgirl with the Rubber Chicken
and finally the crooner in baby doll pajamas singing about a big bone and passing around a joint for all to take a hit off of (none of us inhaled if you were wondering but only in KW could they get away with this!!!)
Inga and Her Bone
Reba was alternately Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and Faith Hill while Maya (truly the one who could pass off (almost) as a girl) came out on stage as JLo and finally Tina Turner!!!
Faith Hill Approaches Jan
Our Introduction to Maya
Maya Dancing
Maya as Tina Turner
Maya seemed to really dig Doug as she kept coming back for a shake and shimmy right in front of us!!!
Maya Seemed to Like Doug
I have to admit that we were all a little envious of Maya's butt - but where everything else went that he was anatomically sporting was a mystery to us all in such tight, skimpy costumes!!! One of the dancers told us in no uncertain terms how they "hid" things but you'll just have to attend a show to find out because the explanation was a little too graphic (albeit unbelievably funny) to discuss on this family blog!!! By the time Tina came out for her final number, the boys (and Bridgett who really seemed to get into it) were out of dollar bills and Jill had decided she wants to become a transvestite and is actively looking into finding a school for such things!!! It was time to leave!!!
The Gang Getting into the Show
Jill Enjoying Tina Turner's Act
The Boys Give Tina Their Dollars

Jan our fabulous designated driver took us safely back to the marina and reality - although as we've always known, reality can be a very warped thing down here in KW. Mid-way through the show Doug and I were thinking how much fun we'll have bringing Bob and Stephanie here when they come to visit us!!!! After last night, we now realize that no trip to KW is complete without at least one visit to the "tranny shows!!!!" Visit at your own risk......

Tonight we are hitting a Peter Mayer concert - Peter is Jimmy Buffett's lead guitarist and a really great guy on top of that! We met Peter when he played up in New Hampshire with our friend Scott Kirby a couple years ago. This is what we love about KW - there's always some great music to hear whether it's at a gay bar or in a concert hall or just out on the pier!!!


  1. Thanks for coming to our show, glad you had a great time! Come back soon.

    Aqua Nightclub
    711 Duval St
    Key West, FL 33040

  2. Glad that you had a great time. Just want to correct you in that you did not witness a transvestite show but rather a Draq Queen show which is much different. As I know each of the performers personally, they are just that performers. When they leave the stage, the costumes come off where a transvestite lives "her" life as a woman. If you care to see trannies, please go to the 801 Bar where you can see several that have gone as far as to get implants. Enjoy that Isle of Bones!!!