Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dockside in GA

For the past week or so we have been tied up to September Song's "home dock" in Midway, GA while we tried to get lots of re-provisioning (we were close to out of beer and had dipped into our "trade beer" - nasty low-end beer we had bought in anticipation of trading beer for fresh fish with the islanders!!) and boat projects done. Yes, Luke, we can now admit we've even drunk Nattie Light - the horror!!! Bob and Stephanie have been wonderful in loaning us one of their cars for trips into Savannah and around town! At first it was pretty weird to be driving a car let alone going that fast - Gypsies only goes about 7-8 knots!!

Several days ago September Song steamed up to the Hinckley Boat Yard in Thunderbolt, GA to get some work done - bottom paint and some polishing. The 50 ton lift barely got them out of the water - you should check out their blog - the pictures made my heart catch in my throat so I can only imagine how they felt watching it!! We picked them up in their other car (pretty much the very least we could do) and they have been staying at their house for the past several days - that has got to feel weird!!! We had them over to dinner the other night on Gypsies, watched an amazing sunset and had lots of fun with the brownies I had made for desert!!
Brownies Anyone?
Sunset in Georgia
Sunset in Georgia

Being here at the dock has been great to get some projects done on Gypsies - Doug has installed a new VHF radio on the flybridge, we've been polishing the outside of Gypsies which is a monumental task (she's a big boat and we're about halfway done!!) and we got her brown ICW mustache off the front of her (that was never an issue in the Bahamas where the water was so clear and beautiful - take me back!!!) Yesterday Bob and Doug installed the new alternator so our engines should be healthy, aligned and good to go (we haven't replaced the other shaft saver yet as it just came in today but hopefully we can do that when we have some more free time)!! Today was last minute provisioning and polishing - September Song is going to be ready to splash tomorrow so the game plan is for us all (Bob, Stephanie, Godiva and Cassie as well as the Gypsies crew - should be interesting to see how the boat kitties deal with two frisky dogs on board, even if they do stay outside!!) to ride Gypsies up to Thunderbolt to pick up September Song. The next day we will head north for Beaufort, SC and then on too Charleston!!!
"Sometimes it's just too hot to even standup!""Please turn the air conditioning on, Dad!"

We have had a great time here in GA but that ole wanderlust is kicking in and we are ready to be on the move again. Sun pig is in desperate need of a beach - here in GA there's just lots of marsh and mud unless you go for a cross state drive it seems like!!! And with the marsh comes spiders, fiddler crabs and grasshoppers - now for those of you that know me, you can just imagine how much I love that (I hate bugs of all kinds - snakes I'm OK with but bugs - YUCK!) And I'm not just talking a stray grasshopper here and there - that I could deal with - but I am talking hundreds of them all over the boat (OK maybe it's not that bad, but they fly, they hop, they swim and they seem to lay in wait for me on the cockpit ceiling knowing I have to leave the boat at some point....and that's when they pounce!!!!)
Two grasshoppers under the sun shade on the front windows

Even Doug is starting to get that feeling in the middle of the night that something's creeping and crawling......Bob told me they weren't so bad - if I caught one in my hand, it would spit out stuff like tobacco juice.....and this is supposed to help me???? Bring back the 'cudas and the sharks from the Bahamas - those I can deal with!

For tonight we defrosted some of the mahi we caught in the Bahamas and we'll have one more dinner with Bob and Stephanie on Gypsies before we head out in the am - meanwhile Doug is out on the bow of the boat fighting the valiant fight with the hose against those nasty grasshoppers - seriously you have to see them!!! and no its not true, they don't taste like chicken - how do I know you might ask??? Don't ask....I'm trying to block it from my memory!!

Click here to see a Google map of our location at September Song's home dock.

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