Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Trek to Boo Boo Hill

The other day we all dinghied into the Park headquarters to check email, blog, catch up on news etc. one last time before we head south into the land of "no internet connection" once again. Funny how sailors used to cruise around the world with no phone or internet and do just fine, but in today's world, we feel so disconnected without them. It's actually a feeling I'm starting to get used to (and like) though - we haven't watched TV in over 7 months and the only news we get since we left the States is by internet whenever we have a good connection (or through Stephanie from September Song - they have Satellite TV and are kind of news junkies!) I'm finding I really don't mind not knowing all the crap that is going on in the world right now - we plug in when we can and don't fret when we can't anymore. Life is too good down here to sweat the little things.

After the blogs were written, pictures posted and emails checked, September Song, Tide Hiker and Gypsies hiked up to Boo Boo Hill to place our "boat signs" that we had all made out of driftwood and "natural stuff" we had found on our hikes - only natural materials can be used on the boat signs by rules of the Park. Rickshaw had already headed up and we saw their sign when we got there. Gypsies' sign was made out of a big piece of driftwood - it had our boat name, the names of our crew (including the boat kitties) and the date we passed through as well as a smiley face made out of shells and beach glass and a sea fan crown. It was pretty spiffy if I do say so myself!! Everybody's signs were great - Tide Hiker's had a pair of hiking boots and September Song's had musical notes! Wonder if they will still be there when we pass back through in a couple years??

Yesterday the "gang" headed down to Cambridge Cay (the southern end of the Park where there is great snorkeling) while Doug and I headed to the North anchorage to be close to the Park headquarters so we could take care of some personal stuff. We are headed down to Cambridge later this morning to meet up with everyone - think we will be there for several days riding out some strong winds but we'll keep you posted when we can!

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